Craft Sessions

Child craft sessions to support development and learning

Aimed at children from 2½ upwards, Ragdolly Annas' Craft Club focuses on school readiness and building confidence, with a structured but fun session plan allowing each child to create a masterpiece with the help of their grown up.

We focus more on teamwork rather than the end result and children are encouraged to interpret the finished product in their own way.  At the end of each session, the children have the opportunity to take part in 'show and tell' where they can answer questions on what they have made.

Ragdolly Annas' Craft Sessions follow a set structure to support children in their School/Nursery readiness.  We introduce time management and continue to encourage creativity, team work, communication and confidence as well as focusing on the fine motor skills that a number of our crafts require.

Each session focuses on a different theme and the grown ups and children are encouraged to work as team to enable positive parenting and re-enforce the bond between the child and their grown up.  A worksheet is provided as a guide only as we encourage each team to make their own interpretation of their 'masterpiece'!

Creations include, Hobby Horses; Decorated Candle Jars; Fairy/Elf Gardens and Body Portraits to name but a few.

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