Non-Movers Sessions

Non-Mover sessions for early communication

Our non-movers sessions are suitable for babies from birth and for children with delayed mobility.  These sessions are quieter and calmer than our mixed age sessions and focus on the importance of early communication, building a bond with your child and meeting other like minded parents/carers.  In these sessions we us verbal and non-verbal communication and movement through actions and supported props.

As well as holding these at public venues that we hire for parents/carers to attend on a pay as you go basis, these sessions can be provided as a funded session in your home or a public venue hired by you and your friends.  Sessions can be provided on a regular or adhoc basis.

Music plays a valuable part in children's development and research shows that early exposure to singing, listening to and playing music can enhance a whole range of educational skills such as language and numerical skills, fine motor skills and an awareness of space and social skills.

Our specially designed Non-Movers sessions are suitable for all 'non-movers' from birth and focus on the importance of early communication for young babies using verbal and non-verbal communication through parent/carer voices, music, rhyme and body actions, such as wriggling fingers and tickling.  We also use fun props and visual aids to support the connection between object and the song, making the session suitable for older children with delayed mobility.

As well as being a great social tool to get them used to groups, these sessions are also a great opportunity to build and reinforce a positive bond between you and your child without the interruption of the washing machine, hoover or phone :-)  As a new mummy it can be very lonely sometimes, especially if your friends or family don't have children of a similar age.  Similarly, for parents and carer's of children with delayed mobility, you may feel isolated as your child's requirements may be quite unique.  At Ragdolly Annas, we encourage a welcoming, friendly atmosphere at our all of our sessions and we will do our best to accommodate and needs that you may have, just let us know.

Spaces are limited at our baby sessions to ensure a gentle, calm atmosphere for our babies to relax and learn in.

These sessions are suitable from birth up to when your baby is starting to crawl.  Don't worry though, once they are crawling they can graduate to one of our mixed group sessions to develop the key learning points that we have introduced them to in these sessions.

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