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Meet Anna VJ

Ragdolly Annas was created and developed lovingly in 2011 and is managed by Anna Varone-Johnson.

Meet Anna Varone-Johnson


Hi everyone! I’m Anna VJ, wife to Nick, mummy to Luca, Fred and Bailey Bear, and proud owner of Ragdolly Annas.  I absolutely adore my job. To be honest, I don’t really look at it as a job most days, more of an opportunity to hang out and have fun with loads of my besties! Ragdolly Annas has evolved massively over the years, through choice and in more recent times because of the world wide pandemic! Not just a music group, everything we do is linked into the Early Years Foundation Framework so every session is a learning opportunity, but the children never realise this as they are always having so much fun! We aim, and always have done to ensure that grown-ups also enjoy everything we do, and  we always encourage them to get as involved as possible! You can’t beat seeing a room full of adults and children all dancing together! 

When I am not “working” you will find me out walking Bailey Bear – my adorable Romania rescue pooch! Dogs are another passion of mine and in an ideal world I would have more than one at home with me! Bailey Bear is a little bit rough around the edges, but slowly slowly he is becoming more and more accustomed to living with a loving family, always having a soft bed and two meals a day! 

Luca & Fred

Luca was born in 2010 and Fred in 2013. Both of my boys love music, and we always have something playing in the house! Now they are a bit older you are more than likely going to find us having a kitchen disco or learning a new TikTok dance routine! They are always on hand though to help me with actions to new songs  – Luca especially can really bust out the moves! He definitely doesn’t get his talent from me!

Luca always enjoyed coming to Ragdolly Annas, and did regularly from the day we set up until he started school. He knows all the moves, words and actions, and has even joined me on stage at multiple National Play Day’s, which was a real treat for him and me! More recently he has appeared in quite a few online sessions, just giving a helping hand!

He has had three Ragdolly Annas birthday parties, one for his 5th birthday where he had a rainbow disco, with lots of games, dances, ‘sing a longs’ and glitter tattoos! As a result of these parties I have also entertained at lots of his friend’s parties and even his school for their Christmas parties.

Like Luca, Fred attended Ragdolly Annas once a week before he started pre-school. Even though personality wise he is very different to Luca, the love of music and dance is something they both have in common.  He is definitely a lot cheekier than Luca though… I think that’s quite a common trait in the youngest member of the family!

To be able to share my job with the children, to be able to fit my job around my children, to be able to take my children to work with me if I need to, really does make life so much easier for me and as a result we are a very happy family. What more could I ask for? x