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Meet The Team

Ragdolly Annas was created and developed lovingly in 2011 and is managed by Anna Varone-Johnson and Elena Varone


Hi everyone! I’m Anna VJ, wife to Nick, mummy to Luca, Fred and Bailey Bear, and proud owner of Ragdolly Annas.  I absolutely adore my job. To be honest, I don’t really look at it as a job most days, more of an opportunity to hang out and have fun with loads of my besties! Ragdolly Annas has evolved massively over the years, through choice and in more recent times because of the world wide pandemic! Not just a music group, everything we do is linked into the Early Years Foundation Framework so every session is a learning opportunity, but the children never realise this as they are always having so much fun! We aim, and always have done to ensure that grown-ups also enjoy everything we do, and  we always encourage them to get as involved as possible! You can’t beat seeing a room full of adults and children all dancing together! x



Hi! I’m Louise, 

After two decades of working full time in customer service and sales teams I thought I knew exactly what my professional future would hold after having children, but when our first child was born all of my old priorities got turned on their head and I just knew that my old lifestyle and lack of work/life balance was not the way forward for our family.  After a couple of years of working solo and providing developmental sessions for toddlers and pre-schoolers, I’ve now found my new home as a session leader with Ragdolly Annas.

We have such a great time all the time!! 



Hey! Lisa here!
I am so happy to be back at Ragdolly Annas. I worked for the company 9 years ago when my children were young and loved it but had to leave to return to full time work. I have had some great jobs but entertaining children is in my heart and I have found my way back. I am looking forward to the future and to the next chapter with Ragdolly Annas – see you all soon! x


Hello I’m Sharon, and with my daughter, Mel, we are proud and so excited to have bought the Ragdolly Annas South Beds franchise in October 2019!
With my husband, Franz, we have raised 3 fantastic children, Mel, Nathan and Matthew and of course Max, the cat, who likes nothing better than finding a warm, cosy spot to sleep.
I may be a 50 something Nana to the amazing Luca and Isaac but that doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love, which includes cruises, Florence is my top destination and Norway a close second, spending time in the garden and reading.
With over 14 years experience working with school aged children I am so excited to be running Ragdolly Annas sessions. I am so passionate about making the sessions a warm, welcoming place to be while having lots of fun and laughter while we enjoy some music and rhyme.
I look forward to seeing you soon! x


Hi all! My name is Mel and I have bought the Ragdolly Annas South Beds Franchise with my mum, Sharon in October 2019.
I am a mum to two boys, Luca who is 5 going on 15! And Isaac who is 1. They really enjoy music and have to witness my wonderful dancing on a daily basis, but now I get to share it in public with all the lovely South Beds families too! I love nothing more than spending quality time with my little family whether it be a wet and muddy walk around the woods or making a paw patrol town in the front room!
Previously I have worked in retail and childcare but I have always enjoyed giving children a laugh by making myself look like a wally so this this is pretty perfect for me. I have always had a great and positive time at Ragdolly Annas when I brought Isaac to sessions and I am so excited that I now get to do this as a ‘job’. I hope you all find my sessions just as welcoming and friendly and leave feeling like you have had a great time and hopefully make some friends along the way!
See you soon. x