Reviews and Testimonials


Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what some parents say. Here are a few testimonials from some grownups who have attended our sessions and who have booked us to entertain at their children’s birthday parties.

My Grand-daughter Betty and I attended Rag Dolly sessions in Shenley Brook End for 18 months. She was six months old when we started. We both loved the sessions and I didn't feel at all out of place being her Granny rather than her Mummy. In fact I made friends with other Mummies. Betty learnt the words and actions to all the songs and we sing them in the car with great gusto. Passers by must wonder what's going on when we scream for the crocodile in "row row row your boat". I miss our sessions at Rag Dollies now Betty goes to nursery.

Milton Keynes

This is fantastic entertainment! I do enjoy going to some of the weekly groups so when I found out they did parties too I didn't think twice! Jenny is amazing, love the sing a long and all the props, also the personalised schedule and song choices! I also like the fact that it is a bit different every week and that she sings and dances to engage parents and kids! Our party was amazing and she was definitely up to the challenge of keeping 14 hungry and sleepy one year olds entertained for an hour! I would definitely recommend her. Thank you 🙂 x

South Beds

My little boys loves Jenny and often talks about her. Thanks for being so lovely Jen!

South Beds

A fantastic session with Anna at Shenley Brook End..... very busy as it was half term but Anna did a fantastic job of controlling the big kiddies around the littler babies. My little girl smiled, laughed and was dancing along to the music, especially Uptown Funk - I'll be back!

Milton Keynes

Jenny is a legend.... the whole family including Nana loves Ragdolly Annas. Great entertainment for all ages.

South Beds

Just wanted to a big Thank you, to Rag Dolls for an amazing afternoon at Caitlyns 1st birthday party. We had such a lovely time! Xx

Milton Keynes

Anna came and entertained 20 children aged between 2 and 6 for my daughter's 6th birthday party and she did a fantastic job, they loved the mix of singing, dancing and playing games, especially where they had a chance to wrap Daddy, Grandad and Uncle up in toilet roll! Thank you x

Milton Keynes

I take my son to Ragdolly Annas every week and we both love it he can join in with all of the songs and dancing and he has gained confidence so much from going and even now when we can’t get out the online sessions are brilliant my little boy is missing going out and about but this really helps and both Annas are amazing and so so lovely x

Milton Keynes

I take my son to Ragdolly Annas every week and we both love it he can join in with all of the songs and dancing and he has gained confidence so much from going and even now when we can’t get out the online sessions are brilliant my little boy is missing going out and about but this really helps and both Annas are amazing and so so lovely x

Milton Keynes

My daughter and the children I care for LOVE Ragdolly Anna so much. Her energy is so amazing and always has children engaged and always makes an effort to include all ages in her sessions. My daughter totally adores Ragdolly Anna and always feels incredibly special after every session. The children I care for have also learnt so much in her sessions, the music, actions, dancing and props all help to keep the children interested as well as building language skills and numerical knowledge.

Milton Keynes

We try and go every week to Anna’s group in Brooklands. What I love is that Anna remembers all the children’s names which feels so much more personal than some other toddler sessions. Would definitely recommend!

Milton Keynes

I've been going to ragdolly annas for over a year now my 2 year old LOVES it and it's now our Monday routine. We love the energy Anna VJ brings to each session and just how welcoming she is to everybody! if you're looking for something to do with your baby/toddler I would 10000000% recommend!

Milton Keynes

We discovered Rag Dolly Annas back in December and I have been bringing my daughter ever since. We both really look forward to Wednesday mornings at Saplings. It's such a fun group and I love seeing my daughter sing and dance. We will continue to come until she is at school. Xxxx

Milton Keynes

Fun and welcoming group! Fits all ages and my little girl is 2 months and she enjoyed watching what was going on around her! will be back again!

Milton Keynes

Our first session this morning and my 3 Month old absolutely loved it! Great songs and activities for babies and adults!! Anna was very welcoming! Highly recommend for any new mum or dad or grandparent!

Milton Keynes

Our first session at Ragdolly Anna’s today; our first visit to a baby group in general actually! And I couldn’t of felt more at ease. I was a bit nervous at the thought of attending baby groups but it was just so enjoyable and interactive and Matilda loved watching the other children! Will definitely be returning. Thank you so much! x

Milton Keynes

I have never met two more enthusiastic and passionate ladies than the 2 Anna’s, the sessions they provide are welcoming and fun, they truly care about everyone coming through the door. They also support many other organisations with their time, energy and passion, you MUST go along to one of their sessions, it will truly lift your spirits x

Amanda (Saplings Children Centre)
Milton Keynes

Wow! This group is amazing! I took my nine month old son and he loved it! I wish I started going sooner! For someone with severe anxiety, I struggle with large groups but I was fine. The group was very busy but it still ran perfectly without a hitch and I didn’t feel anxious in the slightest probably also to do with the lovely lady I met and went with. The session leader was full of energy and happiness. There was plenty of equipment to go round. The session was a perfect length of time. I literally couldn’t have asked for better! Can’t wait for the next session!

Milton Keynes

Loved attending the group today at Shenley Brook End Village Hall. My baby is almost 4months despite him being a little tired it was lots of fun for us both. Bubbles, parachute, songs and rhymes! - we will be back - thank you 😊. Anna you are amazing and fun x

Milton Keynes

I'm a childminder in mk and drive across to the other end of Milton Keynes to take our little ones to Rag Dolly Anna's every week. Besides the fact that the children love the session it benefits them it so many ways, not only do they learn numbers, sounds and different ways to move their bodies, but they also learn how to adapt and change to different social situations and settings. Anna always makes every child and adult feel welcome and valued for who they are as individuals and has the patience of a saint. Thank you! (MeerKubs Childcare)

Milton Keynes

Thank you so much ladies for keeping myself and my 6 month old daughter Ellena entertained every day in Kent during isolation. We love the range of songs and I'm sure others would agree that seeing your smiling faces keeps us all smiling too! We wish we lived closer so we could actually go to your classes! Best wishes x


My mum saw the news report on the regional news and told me to have a look, I have an active nearly 3 year old and these classes are spot on! thank you for letting us all join in, we live in Suffolk so sadly we wouldn't be able to make the actual classes but we love doing it online, we will be seeing you daily! keep up the good work xxx


I take my son to Ragdolly Annas every week and we both love it he can join in with all of the songs and dancing and he has gained confidence so much from going and even now when we can’t get out the online sessions are brilliant my little boy is missing going out and about but this really helps and both Annas are amazing and so so lovely x

Milton Keynes

Thank you so much for another fab session Mel in particular playing William’s favourite song (and lots more of both of their top songs) and making it extra special by singing happy birthday! I wish i’d filmed his reaction ❤️


We love rag dollys. Mel has endless amounts of energy and even though my little one is too small to join in the singing/dancing she absolutely loves the parachute games and being under the parachute. Entertaining and educational fun!

Leighton Buzzard


Don’t just take our word for it, see what the experts say about the importance of music and rhyme in children’s early years…

Music and Rhyme is such a powerful way to encourage learning with a child and the learning starts from day 1, even before a child has honoured you with their first smile! Our aim is not only encourage the learning within our sessions but to also provide parents and carers with the tools and understanding to continue the learning at home through music and rhyme.

Ragdolly Annas sessions are designed to meet the physical, emotional, social and language development needs of children through sessions that they attend with their parents/carers. These areas have all been highlighted by the Department for Education in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (EYFS).

All our sessions are carefully designed to ensure that every song and rhyme choice is linked directly to a learning outcome.

Here are a few examples from the experts about why music and rhyme is so important:

Infants' brains attuned to baby talk and nursery rhymes

Researchers in Cambridge believe that babies learn best when their brain waves are in sync with their parents'.

Singing to children may help development of language skills

New book claims that 'signature' melodies and inflections of traditional rhymes prepare children's brains for language

Musical play may boost understanding and long-term learning in babies

Study of nine-month-old children showed regular musically-based play sessions improved their ability to process speech sounds and rhythms

As a Service Provider...

Ragdolly Annas work in partnership with Children’s Centres, other Preschool and with Macintyre settings to ensure that the service we provide meets with their requirements to support their own objectives.

For more details on what we can offer click here.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is some feedback explaining why Ragdolly Annas are also a great service provider choice…

Ragdolly Annas have a high level of understanding of the Children's Centre Agenda, so partnership working is easier. They are happy to promote other CC services and encourage registrations whilst being flexible in delivery of sessions to accommodate the needs of individual Centres. They are professional, reliable and exceptionally well organised and provide good value for money. Their service meets Core Purpose: Child Development/School Readiness and Health and Family Wellbeing. They are happy to adapt session plans to fit in with individual Centre's planning. They are excellent for outreach, as willing to do registrations and attendance sheets.
Jane Webb
Children's Centre Co-Ordinator
Little Owls Centre at Oxley Park, Milton Keynes
The Ragdolly Anna's have been fully flexible in their approach with the people we support. They have tailor made session plans for us which truly fits in with our ethos and our curriculum. The feedback sent each week is brilliant and so useful to use for evidence. The learners are so engaged in the sessions and really enjoy them.
Beth Payne
Programme Co-Ordinator
No Limits, Milton Keynes, MacIntyre
We have had the pleasure of knowing Jenny through Ragdolly Annas for the last year. We first experienced her bundles of energy and gusto at a Sure Start Children's Centre session held on our pre-school premises.

We were so captivated by her enthusiasm and interaction with the children and their parents that we asked her if she would be kind enough to offer our pre-school children a similar experience.

Prior to her arrival, Jenny discussed with us any specific topics we would like her to cover as she would adapt each session to meet our requirements. Jenny provided us with a session plan of how each song and rhyme is linked directly to a learning outcome in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.

The children were so excited and eager to learn the new songs that she introduced to them during our first session, using a wonderful array of musical instruments and props. They did not want the session to end. We had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from parents whose children had enjoyed Ragdolly Annas, many of whom asked when she would be visiting again.

Following this fantastic musical adventure Jenny has now become a regular visitor to our pre-school and we would highly recommend her to provide any setting or parent group with a fun-filled learning experience full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness.
Jane Dunn
Cranfield Pre-School Manager