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Ragdolly Annas

Ragdolly Annas

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A week in a motorhome with 2 children and 2 dogs!

Nick and I love going on holiday.  We have always made it a priority to make sure we take a break away and we have been very fortunate to always be able to do just that! I have family in Italy, and our usual summer trip involves us spending at least a week there seeing my cousins, aunties and uncles, with another week tagged on, en route.

This year though after 2 cancelled trips abroad, a new puppy (Dolly) joining our gang, and deciding last minute that we did really want to get away, we decided after hours of searching for dog friendly accommodation, a holiday in a motorhome would be our best and only bet for some much needed time out!

On our way!

Following so many people on Facebook and Instagram I had romanticised about how amazing it could be, getting to see first hand our glorious English countryside and beaches from the road, toasting marshmallows on camp fires with my perfectly behaved children, board games where we all roar with laughter and no one gets upset when they lose (Fred!), and the one thing I was most looking forward to, taking long walks along the beach with my 2 beautiful dogs,  neither have ever seen the sea before; it was going to be the best holiday ever!

The reality is though, and if you are ever considering doing the same:

  • It rains a lot in the UK and when you are trapped in a motorhome with 2 children and 2 dogs, it’s really stressful!
  • It really is a big deal when you forget the awning pegs!
  • A motorhome is an absolute arse to park!
  • Driving down tiny British countryside lanes in a motorhome is pretty scary!
  • Dogs can manage to get out of the smallest gaps in a window!
  • Be prepared for your dogs to be afraid of the sea!
  • Motorhome toilets stink despite only ever using it for emergencies!
  • You won’t get any sleep in a double bed made out of a seating area with 2 dogs and a child – FACT
  • A crash helmet is recommended at all times when attempting to move around inside the motorhome.  I lost count of the  number of times we whacked our heads on something.
  • Always remember to switch your fridge over from the battery to the electric when you park, or you will lose a weeks worth of food on your first night!
  • If you have an easily stressed dog, it may not be the ideal holiday for them!
  • Don’t book a campsite on the top of a cliff… the views may be incredible but the wind is something else… be prepared to feel like you are going to take off all night!
  • And finally, charge points. There isn’t enough of them, so don’t forget extension plugs!


On a more positive note though…

Our beaches in England are amazing and if the weather is as good as it was for us on our last few days, you will have fun.  We have loved spending time altogether as a family, we have become experts at Dobble and Articulate and despite some very stressful moments there has been lot of laughter… however camping in whatever shape or form, is definitely not for us!

Italy, we WILL see you next year! X





It was a bit touch and go at points, but I am pleased to say we are still married!

Not many places to sleep on a rainy day!

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