Any Age  Funded Sessions

Ragdolly Annas work in partnership with Children's Centres, Pre-school Settings, schools and organisations supporting young adults with additional needs and older people living with dementia, providing a tailor made service to each one allowing them to meet their own objectives.

Children's Centres

Our (Music and Rhyme,) sessions for the 0-5’s can be provided with a range of funding options to suit all budgets from fully-funded allowing targeted families to access key services to fully managing part-funded ‘outreach’ services to enable you to spread your services across your catchment reach without impacting your staffing levels and providing families with a subsidised admission fee.

Pre-Schools, Nurseries and Toddler/Baby Groups

For nurseries and other pre-school groups we can offer our Music and Rhyme sessions on an adhoc or regular basis to support your obligations to follow the curriculum and meet with your objectives. Why not offer your new parents the opportunity to attend a Non-Movers session within your setting. Either funded or part-funded by you or for an admission fee.

Charities and Organisations supporting those with additional needs and older people living with dementia.

We bring enthusiasm,  empathy, and respect to every single session. With a huge repertoire of music, props and percussion instruments  we make sure that everyone will benefit from their time spent with us.  We have over 10 years experience and the ability to be reactive to all types of situations and scenarios. Every single session we run for either those with additional needs or those living with dementia, is an absolute privilege and running these sessions bring us so much joy.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements – we would be more than happy to offer a free taster session in the first instance .

Why Choose Ragdolly Annas As A Service Provider?

All Ragdolly Annas’ sessions are supported by documented session plans demonstrating their link to any required objectives that you need to achieve. The use of these have proved a great support tool during past Ofsted inspections for a number of our customers.

As an experienced service provider, Ragdolly Annas can offer the following for fully-funded and part-funded sessions:

Please contact us for more details on pricing and what services we can offer.